Online Teaching and Learning Platforms and Tools

Teaching staff should prepare for online teaching and learning. Undertaking online teaching and learning activities requires preparation. The steps below guide teaching staff to adopt FREE and accessible online tools to enable content delivery, engagement and assessment. Below is a basic guide for preparing a shift from face-to-face teaching to online teaching (we have drawn reference to the resource page developed by Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching of the University of Cape Town).

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Understand the shift from face-to-face to online teaching and learning
Organizing the Calendar
 Create a plan for
online teaching and learning
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Present content
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Engage students in learning activities
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Administer assessment
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Organise and

Administer assessment

  • Assessment allows teaching staff and their students to monitor and manage learning. Consider the type of assessment you want to administer before choosing the appropriate tool(s).

  • Summative assessments: Consider alternative strategies to high-stake online assessments, such as take-home and open-book assignments and portfolio development and submission.

These videos cover how to provide constructive feedback with Google Form and Google Classroom.

MCQs & short answer questions

Using Google forms and Google Classroom can minimise your marking burden and admin load.
MCQs can be used to provide quick feedback, but require time to write. Carefully constructed MCQs encourage application of concepts to scenarios.

Demonstration and verbal presentations

Students can submit as an attachment to Google Form.
Students can upload verbal presentations to YouTube (set as unlisted), and submit the YouTube video URL.

Long answers

Students can submit essays, reports and projects.


Students can take a photograph, and submit as attachment to Google Form.

Drawings & graphics

Students can convert to pdf and submit as an attachment to Google Form.


Students can document and reflect on their learning experiences.